What to Do Before a Workout

Since you’re going to subject your body to a series of exercises, you need to hydrate before your workout. Remember to bring your water bottle with you to the gym since you’re going to need it a lot. Drinking plenty of water will help to prevent muscle cramps. Fluids also help increase muscle performance.

About one hour before you hit the gym, you should be consuming some easily digestible protein and carbohydrates. Your body will burn a lot of calories later on. Your muscles will also be put to the test.

You need carbs to give your body a much needed energy boost. You also need proteins to help strengthen your muscles during these intense moments. You don’t have to buy those expensive protein and carb formulas that professional bodybuilders use; but if you have the cash to burn, then why not.

But sometimes, all you need is a regular baked potato and one banana. You can substitute that with a protein shake if you think they’re not that palatable. For some people, a pair of hard boiled eggs and a bowl of cereal is enough to power them up for their scheduled workouts.

You should take a warm shower before you leave for the gym. Other than preventing your body from overheating it can also help prevent over exhaustion. A warm shower can also help reduce stress.

Finally, when you reach the gym, remember to do some stretching. It will increase your flexibility and prevent any unnecessary muscular or bone damage..

Remember to always do warm up exercises before making your actual exercise sets. 15 minutes on the treadmill or any cardio machine (like a stationary bike) will do. It will help get your heart rate up. It will also help to increase the blood flow to the muscles that will be doing a lot of exercises.

What to Do During a Workout

Make sure to follow your exercise routines closely. Listen to your coaches and allow them to correct your movements, especially when handling weights. Executing a wrong move can seriously injure you.

You can have a light snack during your workout like a protein shake. Anything that can help to give you an energy boost will do. However, don’t forget to hydrate. It’s okay to drink water in between exercises.

What to Do After a Workout

Your workout isn’t over the moment you complete all the exercises you need to do. The first thing you do after your workout is to cool down. You can perform some light cardio like walking on a treadmill to lower your heart rate. Do this and you will avoid feeling sick after your day at the gym.

After that, you need to do some stretching. Stretching helps your contracted muscles. It helps your muscles grow bigger and stronger. It also allows different muscle groups to rebuild thus, adding to the benefits you received from your workout.

One last thing you should be doing after your workout session is to rehydrate and refuel. Remember that your body burned a lot of calories after doing many exercises. Your body needs more energy to replenish what it spent, so eat. Your body also lost a lot of fluids when you sweat so you need to replenish your body fluids.