the bestApart from the treadmill, the elliptical trainer is deemed as the most used exercise equipment today. It provides a complete and effective cardiovascular workout in one sweeping motion because of its moving handlebars and foot pedals. It’s like you’re running on air.

Research shows that individuals who utilize an elliptical trainer burn the same amount of calories as those individuals who use treadmills. But the elliptical trainer proves to be the better machine.

First, the elliptical trainer is gentler on the joints and feet because there is zero impact. Each step that a user makes on the treadmill bears force on the joints that could cause permanent injuries. Two, an elliptical trainer offers a full body workout because it allows the user to move his arms and feet at the same time. A treadmill mainly focuses on the lower body through walking or running.

Choosing an Elliptical Trainer

If you are in the market for your very own elliptical trainer, it is very important to look at various brands and models before settling on a particular one. The whole selection process could be confusing and time-consuming. But your decision making could become easier if you ask yourself this one question: Who makes the best elliptical trainer?

There are many reputable elliptical trainer brands today but the ones that stand out the most are the E25 from Sole and the EX-59-02 Horizon Fitness.

Sole E25 Elliptical Trainer

Price: $1,300 to $2,000

The Sole E25 elliptical trainer is quite popular among many fitness buffs. Although sturdy enough to be placed at a crowded gym, this heavy duty machine is meant for home use. It can be used by individuals who weigh up to 375 pounds.

High-tech and very modern, the E25 has a 29 pound flywheel and utilizes 16 magnetic eddy brake resistance for zero friction and silent operation. Also, these prevent constant and costly maintenance.

Other features of the Sole E25 elliptical trainer include:

• 7.5 inch blue backlit LCD display to easy monitoring of heartbeat and other workout stats.
• 10 programmable workouts to provide an even more effective cardio exercise
• Easy switch power incline feature
• 15-inch adjustable pedals with 20-22 inch elliptical stride
• Built-in fan for maximum comfort while working out
• Built-in speakers for MP3 player
• Padded handle bars with built-in sensors
• Heart rate chest strap for accurate monitoring
• Water bottle holder

Horizon Fitness EX-59-02

Price: $630 to $850 

The EX-59-02 from Horizon Fitness is one of the best lower priced elliptical machines in the market today. It is a medium-duty exercise machine that’s perfect for home use and individuals who weigh up to 275 pounds.

With a 16 magnetic eddy brake resistance and 14.3 pound flywheel, the EX-59-02 provides smoother strides with no friction or noise. The footpads are also rubberized for added comfort and stability.

The Horizon Fitness EX-59-02 also showcases the following features:

• 10 programmable workouts including manual, weight loss, intervals, rolling, reverse, and random
• 5-inch LCD screen for monitoring heartbeat and current workout feedbacks
• ZEROgap pedal placement which eliminates pressure on back and hips during workouts
• COOLfit fitness fan to keep you comfortable and cool while working out
• MP3 port with Sonic Surround speakers
• Water bottle holder
• padded handle bars with built-in sensors

Among all the medium-priced machines available in the market today, the Sole E25 and the Horizon Fitness EX-59-02 are the top contenders. Both machines are well-made, operates smoothly, and very sturdy. If you have to pick out one, here’s the verdict:

Choose the Sole E25 if you are heavier or have the financial capabilities to buy it. Because it is more robust, this elliptical trainer is also perfect for homes with multiple users.

Choose the Horizon Fitness EX-59-02 if you are looking for an effective machine but at a much lower cost.