An elliptical trainer is comparable with a treadmill and exercise bike when it comes to rate of exertion, heart rate and oxygen retention, making all of them effective cardiovascular exercise equipment. However, when it comes to calorie burning, the elliptical trainer wins the top prize as it features higher resistance sets for the muscles. It does burn more calories but the rate depends on the user and usage.

If you are interested to learn how to burn more calories with elliptical trainer, follow the five tips below to lose weight faster.

1. Drink a liter of water three hours before you train

A common error of gym enthusiasts is staying away from fluids before jumping in the elliptical trainer for fear that they won’t warm up faster or they will have a hard time sliding (or also pedaling) with a heavy stomach. However, studies confirm that dehydration while exercising slows down metabolism because the body recognizes it as a state of starvation. As a cardiovascular equipment, expect to sweat like crazy, so have your fill of fluid three hours before training.

You are also recommended to take 700 milliliters of water during and after the workout to retain your level of muscle activity.

2. Adjust the ramp to a mid or full incline

Using an elliptical trainer at its normal ramp setting does not give you much advantage from using an ordinary treadmill. Make it steeper and it will introduce to you an all new game.

A mid to fully inclined ramp offers higher resistance for your leg muscles and longer strides for your hips. Hip actuations double, which also doubles the required motions at the same length of time. Your muscle groups become more active; hence, they burn more calories than they usually do.

3. Vary the stride length several times during the entire workout

Avoid sticking to only one stride setting. This does not only break tedium in working out but also burns more calories, a study conducted at the University of Idaho confirms. By changing the lengths of strides several times while working out, you also enable the exercise to tap more muscle groups and activate them all at the same time for synergistic calorie consumption. It also gives variation to your respiratory activity, which speeds up heart rate and blood circulation, but stabilizes oxygen uptake.

4. Don’t watch while training

Not concentrating on your movements reduces the effort of each muscle, rendering them less efficient in consuming energy. Many gyms place televisions in front of their elliptical trainers, treadmills and exercise bikes to avoid boredom among their patrons, but many experts advise against it because the level of activity in the different muscle groups also decreases.

You might find it boring, but the concentration required improves your rate of shedding fats.

5. Divide your training in several sets

Instead of going all-out on the elliptical trainer at a full set, divide it into four sets of 15 to 20 minutes each with five minutes of rest in between. Fitness experts recommend giving your leg muscles a break from time to time to make them more efficient in burning calories. Muscles at the brink of wear or too much exhaustion already start to decline in activity. You do not want to reach this point.

These are ways on how to burn more calories with elliptical trainer.