The problem with reading elliptical trainer reviews is that there is no way for sure to determine if what they’re saying is true. Sometimes, even those in-depth reviews can be in-depth marketing strategies in disguise. Hundreds of elliptical trainers from over 50 different brands are available for purchase online, and this wide range of choices can easily overwhelm those who don’t really know what they’re looking for.

The best elliptical trainer is just around the corner. Narrow down your choices by considering the following factors:

1. Price – Decide on a price range. There are elliptical trainers that can cost only a few hundred dollars, but there are also those that cost well over several thousands. Remember that the price of a machine will not single-handedly determine the quality of workout you can get from it.

2. Size – Elliptical trainers are usually large, so consider the space needed for a seamless, worry-free exercise. The popularity of small trainers has been steadily rising due to their low costs and space-saving benefits. However, larger and sturdier machines will feel safer and more stable to use. The maximum weight capacity, stride length and overall durability of a larger machine are obviously higher than that of a compact, space-saving elliptical.

3. Stride and grip – Stride length is a factor to consider since it can affect the level of comfort during workout. Longer stride lengths will allow for more movement and calories burned, though shorter people will probably feel less comfortable with them. The moving hand grips should be stable and not too far away from the foot pedals. As a general rule, strides should feel as natural and grips as stable as possible. Many elliptical trainer reviews put these factors into consideration as they really are one of the most important factors buyers should consider.

4. Incline – Not all elliptical trainers have adjustable incline, but those looking for more serious workout sessions might want to consider this feature. Similar to treadmills, incline in elliptical trainers could give added intensity to one’s workout. This incline may be manually or automatically adjusted depending on the model of the elliptical.

5. Safety features – Elliptical trainers were created to somewhat improve on another exercise equipment, the treadmill. Unlike treadmills, elliptical trainers are easier on knee joints, ankles, hips and spine. Incline in treadmills will also require higher skill levels than the incline in trainers, so incline exercises in the latter are safer. Consider heart rate monitors as they indicate if you’re working too hard. Another safety issue to consider is the safety of those around a working elliptical machine. Elliptical trainers should not be placed in rooms where children and pets may get close to them, as the moving parts may pinch or trap them.

6. Extra features – Not all elliptical trainers are created equal. There are different fitness goals and the many features of elliptical trainers can better help you achieve these goals. Some trainers have heart rate monitors and built-in exercise programs, but can also have one or more of the following features: low-impact, quiet-type, compact, heavy duty, and Nordic track console. Many new models will also have phone docks and USB ports.

Nautilus E514c Elliptical Trainer
List Price: $999.00
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There is not a single best elliptical trainer, and honest-to-goodness elliptical trainer reviews will always point this out. Now that you have narrowed down your choices, you’re ready to do the real shopping. One of the best tips you can get in choosing elliptical trainers is that you should try your choices out when you get the chance. Experience firsthand the pros and cons of each and every one of your choices by visiting retailer stores.

ProForm Hybrid Trainer
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