Are you at a point wherein you don’t know whether a treadmill or an elliptical is the better machine to buy for your personal use? The advice from experts is “focus on the benefits”.

Try to outline the benefits of the elliptical machine and then compare these benefits with those of the treadmill. After the exercise, you will probably see a better picture of your options. Here are the major benefits of each of these exercise machines.

Treadmill Benefits

Whether you run, jog or simply walk on a treadmill, you will be doing your body a lot of favor. Some users even say that using a treadmill can help in improving one’s sex life.

• Running on a treadmill or even outdoors is a good exercise in terms of targeting the calf, glutes, hamstrings and the quadriceps. The abdominal muscles can also be targeted if you will try to maintain a good posture or do some rotation of your spinal column.

• You can switch from jogging to walking or running at regular intervals. You can even stop the machine once in a while to incorporate some other exercises.

• It is also possible to have different degrees of inclination. You can maintain an inclination within a certain period of time, which is not possible when you go running up on a hilly or a mountainous terrain.

• Health benefits include better sleep, increased stamina and energy, lower heart risks, reduction in cholesterol levels and improved interest in making love.

Elliptical Machine Benefits

An elliptical machine is the preferred machine if the person has problems with bones and joints. An elliptical training machine does not put a lot of stress or impact on the joints. This is because the feet of the user stays in one place while doing the exercise.

If someone is obese, undergoing rehabilitation for some injury, or suffering from varicose, the better option is an elliptical machine. The elderly who wants to get into shape must also use an elliptical rather than the more potentially dangerous treadmill.

Other benefits include:

• An elliptical is more conducive for creating a full-body workout. This machine allows the training and the building of arms, shoulders, chest, and the legs. Users say that they can do a complete body workout within 20 minutes by using an elliptical machine.

• This machine allows the user to pick different resistance and interval options. This means you can have full control over how long and how much energy you should put in for a certain exercise type.

• With an elliptical machine, you will have less time exercising and your daily routine will not be much affected. This is because every time you sit on it, you can be pretty sure that most of the parts of your body have been involved in the exercises. You can actually have only two short sessions per week without sacrificing results.

Your decision should be based on different factors, but you don’t need to consider all of them. Just consider the factors that matter to you the most.