If you are looking for an elliptical workout machine, one of your choices on the market today is the ProForm 18.0 RE Elliptical. How does it fair?

From the company’s description of the product, it would seem that this machine is meant to provide an efficient and smart workout. It is claimed to deliver maximum results in less time. Of course, it’s not recommended for any consumer to just take the company’s word for it when deciding whether to buy the product or not. The following is a breakdown of its features, and the answer to whether the ProForm 18.0 RE Elliptical fulfills its promise.

Full Body Workout

With an elliptical workout machine, you should expect a full-body workout. Each movement should engage the whole body, toning more muscles at once and burning more calories.

The machine has an adjustable ramp with a range of 15 to 45 degrees, spread over six positions. It also offers stride length from 20 to 23 inches. You can perform workouts in a wide range of positions to target different muscle groups. A longer stride length provides full movement, resulting in an optimal workout.

The upper body workout is provided by the workout arms fitted with comfortable grips.


When working out, you should be able to fully focus your effort on the workout. If you have trouble maintaining a comfortable position and balance, you will be wasting effort. This is not a problem with this machine. The aforementioned adjustable ramp and workout arms contribute to this. The cushioned oversized pedals also help. With these pedals’ size, you can rest your feet in a wide variety of positions. It would be easy to find a stable position for your feet. The pedals can also be adjusted to a toe-to-heel angle. This aids in specific-muscle targeting and positional comfort.

The machine is equipped with a CoolAire™ Workout fan to keep you cool while working out. There is also a water bottle holder so you can take a drink without having to step out of the machine.

You can also easily adjust settings while working out. The controls are fitted into the handlebars. You can conveniently mix up your workout for better results.

You can monitor your progress easily with the console display. With a 7-inch LCD and backlight, you can view the monitor from any position during your workout.

“Smart” Workout

The machine is meant to provide a smart workout. This is accomplished with the iFit Live compatibility and the built-in workout apps. The apps are designed by a Certified Personal Trainer. Using these apps, the resistance level is adjusted automatically for best results, depending on your goals.

A Welcome Addition

You can plug an iPod to the machine and the music will be played on the Intermix Acoustics™ 2.0 sound system.


With its mix of features and extras, the ProForm 18.0 RE Elliptical is an excellent machine for its kind. It indeed measures up to its promises.