This article is a review of the ProForm Hybrid Trainer.

The Hybrid Trainer combines two types of exercise machines: an exercise bike and an elliptical trainer. This gives versatility in training for the user. With the recumbent exercise bike, the user can do cardio workout. With the elliptical trainer, the user can do muscle toning exercises. For the price of one machine, the user gets dual functionality.

The ProForm Hybrid Trainer is easy to use. To switch between the two modes, the user only needs to adjust the pedals. Monitoring the workout won’t be a hassle with the machine’s console. It can be adjusted so that it can easily be viewed whether you are sitting or standing. The LCD window is also adequately sized.

A target pacer serves as a guide for the user, providing a customized workout. The console is fitted with an indicator light. This light tells the user when to slow down or speed up. This is meant to make the exercise as efficient as possible in meeting the user’s goals for weight loss.

To help make working out more comfortable, the machine is equipped with upper body grips for use in elliptical trainer mode. The user does not have to worry about keeping balance. Thus, all the effort goes to the actual workout. The grips are actually resistance arms. This means they are not just there to place the hands on, but also to provide an extra workout. So, the machine offers a full-body workout when in elliptical trainer mode.

The pedals are oversized to accommodate any foot position. So, the user can choose any foot position for greatest comfort. The feet are secured with the grooves on the pedal. The user doesn’t have to worry about traction.

The convenience of use and the versatility is further supported by 14 workout apps. The programs are formulated by experts. Using each, the machine will automatically adjust resistance to provide the optimal workout. The user can get results in the least amount of time. It is easy to navigate through the programs. This makes selection fast and convenient.

The resistance system fitted into the ProForm Hybrid Trainer is the Silent Magnetic Resistance (SMR™). This resistance system is frictionless and quiet. The user can work out without any annoying sounds. Plus, the resistance can be adjusted without stopping the exercise.

The machine has a water bottle holder in an easy-to-reach position. Thus, the user can stay hydrated without leaving the machine.

Moving the machine is assisted with the front-mounted wheels. It can be easily moved out of the way after working out.

The only downside of this machine is assembly. It is quite heavy and takes long for the average homeowner to assemble (around 90 minutes). Obviously, however, the ProForm Hybrid Trainer comes with more pros than cons.

ProForm Hybrid Trainer
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