Sole Fitness E95 elliptical machine is the best elliptical machine out in the market so far. It is indeed durable, artfully designed, has quiet and smooth drive system, and everything about it is adjustable which is why it earns the best feel and best buy among other elliptical machines. It still has some cons though. Of course, there is really no perfect thing that a man has ever created.


1. Quiet drive. This assures you that everything that is going in and about the flywheel is smooth and meticulously put in place, and that there are no snags happening inside it.

2. Built-in workout programs. The workout programs such as the fat burn program actually assist users in their attempt to make progress in terms of fitness. These intensive and effective programs are structured carefully to ensure that they are efficient and achievable to the user. Its heart rate programs are significant to the improvement in the consumers’ health. Everyone is in need of a cardio workout at least once a day to secure the strength of the cardiovascular system.

3. Adjustable foot pedals. The foot pedals are larger than the average foot pedals of an elliptical. Foot pedals are also adjustable which is a really good thing. You can adjust the inclination of the heel to match your type whether you are flat-footed or high-arched.

4. Adjustable stride. To match up your preference and unique manner of walking, you may adjust the stride up to 22 inches.

5. Best Customer Service and Warranty. It’s just one call away and in a few, any trouble with the equipment is guaranteed to be solved immediately and with much convenience. If you encounter problems with any parts, replacements will be delivered to you upon your conversation with a representative. Their service is guaranteed and fast. You have five years warranty for the manual labor, and 2 years warranty for the parts.

6. Saves time, effort and space. It’s very easy to set up. Once done, you may start utilizing the equipment at any time. Instead of frequenting gyms and health clubs for your daily workout routines trying to fit them in your hectic work schedule, set this elliptical machine up anywhere in your house where it can actually fit and where you can move freely. It does not occupy huge space despite its powerful functions and performance. It will save you travel time and effort. It is also cost-efficient in the long run.


1. The water bottle holder being said is, in fact, just a small space for anything that you want or need to put within your reach. Since you are working out and you need music to energize you and accompany your steps, you will probably use that space for your MP3 player or any audio device. Basically, it is just a multi-purpose space to hold anything that fits the need.

2. The built-in fan barely makes its purpose which is to cool you down.

3. Speakers are not really that helpful.

Those are just trivial issues with the SOLE Fitness E95 elliptical machine. Overall, it is worth the price. It lets you personalize the equipment to fully maximize its services as you can modify its specifications to correspond to your preference, comfort and convenience.